If You Are Completely Tired of Sacrificing Your FREEDOM And Depending On Other People To Dictate Your Life It's Time To Recognize:

Dear Future Independent Woman,

We -and by "WE" I mean "WOMEN" -are taught, through culture, society, and the experiences that we have that we aren't allowed to be free.

It's somewhat of an "American Dream" lifestyle that's engrained into who ar are.

The white picket fence, stay at home mom, and dependent-on-man homemaker image that everyone seems to strive for - we both know that's not something that is "meant to be."

It's something that's created.

And you can feel just how contrived, unnatural and unnerving it is to live within that realm of another person, dependent financially on the "gifts" of a "hard-working husband," or expected to be satisfied emotionally by a life spent raising children and maintaining the home of a happy spouse.

Constantly waiting... Constantly hoping... needing more, wanting more and most of the time feeling short changed... But listen, I know that

Yes, a life of sacrifice can be rewarding for some people - that is a life spent relying on a husband to make money to support your family, or a life spent giving up career dreams, financial goals, and spirited ambitions.

To some people that life is a dream. Some people - an this is a cultural thing that we are taught - if you can find THE ONE person who can take care of you, you will be able to live happily ever after... yeah right...

But, if you are life me (and you are reading this right now), I would bet you know that you are missing something.

Independence. Personal Freedom. Financial Freedom. The reward of providing for your family. The feeling of financial contribution and the freedom it brings.

Too many strong, powerful women are tricked into thinking that being a good mother and wife means giving up freedom and financial independence. This is a lie that we've been told for so long that it seems like there is no other way.

But the truth is, financial independence and confidence will make you a better mother, a better partner, and an all-around better human being.

That's why I wrote Beyond the Lies: The Way Women Sacrifice Freedom By Relying On Other - because it's time to remind women everywhere that self-reliance is the first step to building an empowered sense of who you are, and once you have that, you're capable of accomplishing amazing things.

  • You're a stay-at-home mom who wants to take charge of your financial situation, but you still want to be home for your children.
  • You want to launch your own business, but you're not sure where to start.
  • You already have a business, but its growth has plateaued.
  • You understand the importance of raising empowered, independent, compassionate children, and you know that to do so, you need to lead by example.

If I've just described you, then you're the woman I wrote this book for. In it, you will learn how to:

  • Build your self-confidence.
  • Eliminate your fear of trying something new - like launching a business.
  • Find a wealth and success-based mindset.
  • Develop effective marketing in order to attract prospects and new clients.
  • Define your ideal client, as well as who you are, in a way that will make your business unstoppable.
  • Forge an empowered relationship with money.
  • Lose your fear of being regarded as "pushy" or "bossy" - bossy is a word that is used by people who fear a woman with confidence and drive!

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Remember, this isn't about "sticking it to the man" or "taking a stand" on the important issue of self-reliance. It's simply about discovering what being self-reliant can do for your family, for your future and for yourself.

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